One of the best things about being a member of PRP is that there are very few character restrictions. You can be pretty much anyone you want to be... just have a back story as to how you ended up in Port Royal at the time of the great earthquake. Every culture, background and social category is welcome. Port Royal was a very cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city. 

How We Started

PRP's founding members all had experience with other pirate groups but wanted to create a group that was more about entertaining and interacting with the public. We have gone through many changes and miss people who have

moved away or have crossed over 


Who We Are Now

These days the Drunken Mermaid Tavern is the central focus of our group. And let's face it, if a Pirate wasn't on ship they would be in a tavern. This is where you will find gaming, singing, eating, weapons, dancing, and maybe a drink or two.

At most events we will have cooking demonstrations, weapons displays, giveaways for kids, and our member would love to tell you some pirate history.

Where We Are Going

PRP remains a bunch a Pirate entertainers at is core, but is flexible enough to adapt to its current members and events.

Bring us your skills, talents, hobbies, or just a desire to play dress up; we will find a way to make you an integral part of the group.

All events public and private, are posted on Facebook.

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