Some of our Key Players

PRP has four elected positions and several appointed positions. Our elected positions are the Secretary, Treasurer, Event Coordinator, and Encampment Director. Each position serves a two year term and two positions are up for election each year.

Appointed positions are appointed by the Board, have no specific term, and can be changed or modified at any time. It takes work to have this much fun!


The Secretary oversees all group documents and communications.


This is not the first time that Lizet has been Pressed Into Service as the Secretary. She is a no-non-sense, hard working, inappropriate Tavern Wench. She joined PRP one year after it began and has pretty much seen it all.


The Treasurer is responsible for the group's financials, filing our Non-Profit & Tax forms, and maintains the group roster.

She The Untamed - Has been a long time member of PRP and has a lot of experience with Living History groups. She is also a professional educator.

Encampment Director

The Encampment Director oversees and facilitates during events where we set up our Pirate Camp.

He is also one of our musicians & singers and very important set up muscle since he is so tall. 

Masters of Arms

Roger The Red/Mr. Inappropriate is our resident weapons and black powder expert. To participate in these activities you must be cleared by him. 

Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator is our behind the scenes person who schedules events, negotiates our contracts, and helps organize the event's planning stages.

Trinity- After being Secretary for a bit she decided her skills were a better match as Event Coordinator. She has good people skills and is good at negotiating. In the Mundane world she is a professional educator and a SUPER nice person.

Social Media Coordinator

We are very fortunate to have Ms. Venetia Ellis as part of your Pirate Crew and in this very important appointed position. She has her Bachelors degree in Animation from Laguna College of Art and Design, and is a talented Animator.

She may look sweet and innocent but don't let that fool you; She is a deadly Mercinary for hire.

On-Site Event Coordinator

Tana Marvelini - Ships Astronomer, Navigator and long time member of PRP.

Tana is the official Minion to the Encampment Director and helps at events were we come ashore and set up camp.

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