Port Royal Privateers (PRP) is a group whose members share a passion for the history, adventure, and romance for the Golden Age of Piracy during the 17th and 18th centuries.


While there are quite a few groups who strive to be 100% historically accurate. We blend History & Fantasy because our focus is having a really good time. 


Gail Cannon
Gail Cannon

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Acting and improvisation, history, costuming, black powder weapons, drinking, period games, nautical arts, sailing, singing, swordplay, dancing, writing, cooking and anything else we feel like; because were Pirates er' Privateers


No matter where we are or what the event, we are always looking for ways to educate others on the Golden Age of Piracy and Port Royal, Jamaica.

We can offer everything from formal lectures to children's activities to Adult Learning.


PRP has always been a group of entertainers and remains so at its core. We have musicians, singers, dancers, actors, authors, and a bunch of goofy hams.

Mostly, we are improve entertainers... but we have frequently done stage plays at events.

Living History

We don't just tell you about history, we live it in front of you (albeit with better hygiene!!)

We portray a group of pirates, privateers, and land lubbers who have all come ashore in Port Royal, Jamaica.  And what do Pirates do when they are not sailing? Well you'll just have to come and see for yourself!


Parties come in many forms and we have a unique way of making everything a party.

These range from Private Parties, to themed events and bringing some fun to the Children's Hospital.

Oh Ya, we have our own private parties too.

Charitable Events

PRP is well known for interacting with the public, encouraging visitors to join in a song, dance or game, handing out souvenir "pirate treasure" to children, or just engaging folk in conversation; our primary objective is to create fun for ourselves and our audience.

Charitable Events


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Gail Sellinger - Author, Historian, Lecturer


Lizet Madeira - Belly Dance



Captain Ned, aka Gail Selinger, is a founding member of PRP and has authored several books on pirate history. She has been a key contributor on several History Channel documentaries. We have others who, while not published, have a vast knowledge and a professional cartographer who is recently retired.  One of our member is the Captain of an actual Tall Ship as well.


Over the years many of our members have been in documentaries, appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and PRP was a featured episode of the television show called "Beyond Geek".

Here is their facebook page:


LInk to the trailer for our episode


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