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PRP is know for getting the public involved and at Long Beach 2018 we had Irene Ujda in our encampment. Irene was so great at getting the kids up and having fun. The bearded pirate is Jerry Reyes, founding member and and actor who appeared in 3 of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies. 

2019 Long Beach Pirate Invasion - When a group of Marines asks for a dance lesson after the kids. We were happy to oblige. At the end you'll Eren Tufan showing all the young men how to dance

Lizet loves teaching dance and sometimes she gets amazing kids to dance with. However, sometimes it's just harry pirates.

PRP History -The First Year

By Amy Weyand (Barracuda d’Morte), founding member

The First Meeting

The weekend of July 4th, 1993, 13 pirates met at the house of Christine & Michael Lampe in Riverside and organized into the group that eventually became Port Royal Privateers. Officers were elected at that first meeting and it was decided that we would be a democratic society (as pirates actually were) instead of having one “Captain” in charge. The original name of the club was Port Royal Players because we were going to be a theatrical group.  After the first few months it seemed obvious that we were evolving into a full-fledged pirate encampment so the name was changed to Port Royal Privateers.

The First Year

Our first unofficial event was at the First Gold Coast Pirate Festival in Ventura. Although we did not plan on having an encampment there, Christine and Michael had their “Sapphire Legends” booth set up so we used it as a makeshift encampment. We performed one of our Pirate Weddings for the first time. Next, PRP participated at the Long Beach Renaissance Festival, where we used their backstage Innyard for our base, and impressed the Innyard Mistress by singing, staying in character, and exchanging piratical banter among ourselves—things that have become our trademarks. In August, using a pavilion borrowed from Patience Goodbody, PRP spent three weekends at San Marcos Faire, where we debuted the Treasure Hunt.  When the main stage needed a fill-in act for 20 minutes, the Innyard Mistress from Long Beach recommended us. We did so well (everyone seems to love bad pirate jokes and off-key pirate songs), they asked us to do it once a day for the remaining run of the faire. we also had organizational workshops where the preliminary Policies and Procedures and Encampment Guidelines were written.


Fulfilling my job as Event Coordinator, I wrote letters to every Festival and Faire that sounded interesting and we were invited to them all! Unfortunately, in our zeal we spread ourselves too thin and almost burned out the membership. That is why the club participates in a limited number of official events annually.

The Port Royal Privateers Plastic Pirate Party, Potluck and Polar Bear Pool Plunge happened that first January and has been going strong since. Now shortened to Plastic Pirate Party.

In Memoriam

 Some of our members have sailed over the bar and gone on to Fiddlers Green. 

Ginny Garrison lost her battle with Cancer on 9/26/19, Our Burning Man Pirate will be missed, but now we have another person to toast to at events. As if we needed another reason. 


Mother Racket (Alice Livermore-Nakagawa) was a founding member of PRP and the original owner of the Drunken Mermaid Tavern. Lizet Madeira proudly runs the tavern for her now. 


Agnes the Red (Nancy Gray) was a founding member and force majeure.  Her home and store became a meeting place for PRP and PRP committees.


Patience Goodbody (Leslie Wintrob) was the only member with a tent and we wouldn’t have had an encampment without her in those early years.


Two of our weaponry directors are gone:  Juan de la Kaboom (Jon Rose) and Baron Von Eisenfaust (Eugene Eckert). No, they did not blow themselves up.


What can we say about Crac’er Jac (Jack Gross)? 

He is missed.

My Favorite Event

by Lizet Madeira​

While I'm not a founding member, I did join within the first year so I've been to a lot of different events with PRP. I've seen everything from 100% historically accurate to fantasy fairs. While I enjoy living history, I personally love any excuse to put on a costume and be someone else for a day.


So my favorite event was Fallbrook Fantasy Fair. PRP was the Pirate Encampment but there was so much more to explore. There was a Fairy Encampment and a group of fairy catcher chasing them with giant nets. There was a large wooden bridge and a Trolls living underneath it scaring those who crossed the bridge or came near their camp. There was a Viking camp and other Renaissance camps the Klingon's were the best. Yes, I said Kingon's. In one part of the park there was a tall row of hedges and as I walked past it there was an entire encampment of Klingon's in full costume and speaking Klingon. It made the Star Trek part of my nerdy heart very happy and I very much enjoyed sitting around their camp fire at night and exchanging drinks. Several of the Klingon's are members of Rogues Cover out of Las Vegas.

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